Can Cats Eat Chocolate

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cats eat chocolat

Can Cats Eat Chocolate? let’s go down to know the answer.

dogs and cat sure love a taste for chocolate, dog owners know the fact of the bad effect of chocolate, what about cats owner?!

cats eat chocolat

Can cats eat chocolate?

cats always try to steal chocolate from under your nose, although it is still bad for cats as dogs.

not just a chocolate bar is bad for them but all drinks of milk-based chocolate. 

chocolate unquestionably is a risk toward your feline!

why can’t cats eat chocolate?

theobromine in Chocolate and cocoa is good for the human body but for cats?! let’s see.

The human body metabolize theobromine naturally but it causes to produce a toxic substance in the cat body, so it can lead to very serious symptoms.

how much chocolate can my cat eat?

impossible, you can’t calculate how much chocolate it can eat.

so to avoid problems as a result of eating chocolate, 

 keep it out of reach of all your pets.

but the amount depending on the metabolism of your pet plus size and weight.

also theobromine in Dark, bitter higher than white chocolate.

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning in cats

your cat can eat chocolate when you are out, so If you suspect, the following symptoms are referred to: 

Increased rate of breathing




Increased heart rate


Muscle rigidity

Heightened temperature

contact a vet fast If you notice these symptoms.

Foods Your Cat Should Never Eat

there are many cat owners who think that cats know what is the best food for them but they aren’t.

certainly, the cat won’t eat a piece of bad meat but an open can of tuna! sure it will eat it although it is dangerous.

so you should the common bad foods for your cat.


cats love Tuna so much,  Some tuna won’t hurt.

but Tuna prepared for humans can cause malnutrition and mercury poisoning to your cat.

 an open can of tuna will be a dinner invitation for your cat.

Onions, Garlic, Chives

Onions and Garlic in all forms as cooked, powdered, dehydrated, or raw leading to anemia.

they can break down red blood cells for cats.

there is no difference between Eating a large quantity or smaller it can cause onion poisoning and other life-threatening problems.


Alcohol products as Beer, liquor, and wine are bad for cats.

these drinks harm the cat’s liver and brain, and all have the same effect for humans.

a few amount of Alcohol Just two teaspoons cause great damage, you could kill it by one more teaspoon


 large quantities of Caffeine can kill your cat and no antidote will help it.

so your cat shouldn’t drink  tea and coffee or Red Bull it will lead to these Symptoms: 


rapid breathing

muscle tremors

heart palpitations

we are sorry for this, but no antidote will help it.

there is more food your cat can’t eat as Fat Trimmings and Bones, Raw Eggs, Raw Meat and Fish, and Dog Food. you should take care of your cat, so it can cause poisoning to lead to killing your cat.

you can read more about cat food can cats eat oatmeal? and can cats eat beans for more details and you can read more about the best cat foods

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