can cats eat oatmeal?

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can cats eat oatmeal
can cats eat oatmeal

can cats eat oatmeal ?!, for your breakfast, the Oatmeal is an excellent choice, it has important nutrients that provide energy.

so we sure about its benefits for ourselves, what about cats?

read below to find out.

can cats eat oatmeal

Oatmeal contains many important nutrients and vitamins that improve health, so before getting the answer for ” can cats eat oatmeal? ” let’s see the importance of Oatmeal.

Nutritional Value and Benefits

Oatmeal rich in important vitamins such as iron, vitamin B6, zinc, and calcium.

in addition to it contains manganese, a lot of fiber, and proteins.

Oatmeal can keep the cholesterol levels low, also it can act as a nerve tonic and act as a digestive aid so it will calm the intestinal tract.

the most important for your cat among oatmeal contains is iron. 

cats need iron because it improves blood health and keeps your cat away anemic.

plus cats need B6 more than humans, it is important for the body’s amino acids.

also, they need Calcium for bones muscles and nerves health

cats need a  low in carbohydrates and rich in protein diet because it is obligate carnivores.

so oatmeal isn’t a proper meal for cats, because it is rich in carbohydrates, not protein. 

but you can give your pet some oatmeal with a few salts.

and make sure it doesn’t have sugar or chocolate, it may cause serious problems.

Amounts can cats eat oatmeal

as with any medicine, Small Amounts are enough, and more isn’t better.

Small Amounts of oatmeal will be healthy for your cat but you should consider oatmeal as a treat.

We usually serve with milk but this isn’t the ideal way for your cat. 

old cats are intolerant to lactose and it may cause damage so you can use it as treat.

the best way to serve oatmeal  for cats

Alternatively using milk,  make a porridge with just some water to make the mix softer.

 but the best way to serve oatmeal is to combine it into their wet food. 

it is the best and efficient way to swallow and introduce the nutrients from the cereal.

oatmeal cookies are bad for cats because they contain raisins and chocolate.

 it is really dangerous for cats and perhaps proving deadly.

 you also should avoid sugar and calories it is lead to obesity.

there are cat food brands that add some cereal in the products and have other sources for iron, calcium, and vitamin B6.

so it will more useful for your cat than oatmeal.

Should cats eat oats into their daily diet ?

Yes, because oat contains a lot of benifits for both human and animals.
It is fully of protein, carbohydrats, lot of vitamines especially vitamine E and B which give the balance to you cat’s body.
Oat is the best choice for your cat if it is sensitive to gluten.
= > besides the oat has high protein and carbohydrates. It should be limited in the diet

Oat grass for cat

We all know that oat is benificial to cats, especially oat grass, because cats enjoy it a lot. In addition oat easily grow indoors, all you need to do is stick some organic seed in a pot, add some water daily while exposing it to sunlight. After a few weeks it will shows up, then you can let your cat enjoy it.

Oat tea for cats

To incorporate oat into your cat’s diet safely. You need to prepare oat tea, by steep one spoon of organic oat for at least 15 min in a hot water (cup). Then wait for it being warm،you can mix it into yoir cat’s favorite food.
=> oat tea helps your cat to balance weight.

Short Answer

  • can cats eat oatmeal?
    yes, Small Amounts are enough, and more isn’t better.
  • can cats eat oatmeal cookies?
    no, it is really dangerous for cats and perhaps proving deadly.
  • can cats eat cooked oatmeal, apple cinnamon oatmeal, or oats and honey?
    no,  you also should avoid sugar and calories it is lead to obesity.
  • what is the best way to serve oatmeal for my cat?
    combine it into their wet food
    read the article for more details and you can read more about the best cat foods

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