do cats miss their owners 

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cats mess their owners

Do cats miss their owners, maybe! right… 

Sure, it’s great to get relax and go away from everything and go on vacation.

new adventures can be a little bittersweet, it’s so hard to go away from your little fur babies! certainly, you will miss them more. the worst thing when you’re feeling sad about their absence that you won’t be able to call to talk to them

so, you may wonder, do cats miss their owners ?!

cats mess their owners

do cats miss their owners? 

it’s obvious, a dog misses their owner and his absence makes him very sad.

but you’ll wonder about cats, they don’t show any feelings or symbols.

if you go away for two weeks, your cat will run away from you.

so, do your cat miss you or she not care, about your absence?

maybe they annoyed that you left them!

Cats miss us

ats do miss their owners but the ways they show that isn’t obvious to us.

the cat can show this by relieving themselves outside the litter box.

because of stress,  the skin of her bladder wall becomes irritated and inflamed.

you will think that they relieving themselves outside the litter box in anger to spite them.

the fact is they are stressed and missed you.

Signs that your cat missed you

 Dog’s behavior will clearly but Feline behavior is mysterious.

so, these signs will show that your cat missed you, try to calm her down.

Extra purring and stretching when you get home

when you left your cat just for 30 minutes, the cat will react by purring and stretching.

this behavior infers that the cat is happy after your return home.

A strong desire for affection upon your return

cat is more subtle than a dog’s, so they following you and rubbing up against your legs.

also, they permanently attached to their owner’s side, it’s their way to express love and pay attention.

Agitation or stress when you return

cats show their love for owners by clingy behaviors and a crying habit.

cat change her attitude or demeanor. it is not  separation anxiety, but your cat miss you


Destructive behavior

lonely cats make a mess when their owners are out home.

 if she’s bored, she will urinate outside of her litter box and develop a nasty mode of getting into things.

Physical illness

In some extreme cases, if you go away for a long time, your cat will physically sick with worry.


How to deal with your cat

sure you won’t a hermit in your own home because your cat misses you. 

just you can learn her ways to cope with being alone.


you can Leave out many interactive toys and puzzle feeders for her.

you can keep birds in your home, she will enjoy bird-watching.

 Creature Comforts.

fill your cat’s food dish,  Before you leave. also, refresh his water, and clean out his litter box. 

so, she will feel more comfortable to be alone for a long time.

also, you can  Hire a Cat-Sitter or make her  Stick to a Routine. she won’t worry about your return.

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