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Sure, you keep on reading facts about cats, because you love your pet much more than, everything else

here, you will know-how is your cat fun and cool also you will learn new facts about cats.

so, I am sure that most of the cat owners don’t know that cats have an organ that supports them to taste scents, also they developed meowing to be a way to communicate with humans, not with themselves.

Clearly,  your little feline has more than you think, read more to know how awesome cats are…

Physiology Facts About Cats 

95,6 percent of the cat’s genome is Tiger, so they have the same their jungle ancestor’s behaviors such as prey play, prey stalking, scent marking by scratching, chinning, pouncing, and urine marking.

Cats have great peripheral vision and night vision, but they are nearsighted.

they don’t taste the sweetness.

Cats have 18 toes.

also, they can  jump up more than six times their length


Health & Wellness Facts About Cat

      Cats sleep for 12 to 16 hours. and they will be active at dawn and dusk, Cats are crepuscular!

have you more than one cat. they are so fastidious creatures so you have to make one litter box for each.

Cats love grooming. it spends a lot of time grooming.

cats don’t eat unpalatable food.

there is much food that will harm the cat read Can Cats Eat Chocolate to know more about.

Communication Cues Facts 

    Cats have their unique vocabulary, and every cat has a unique way with her owner :

question-mark-shaped tail means Want to play?

and straight vibrating tail means I am happy to see you.

a slow blink is a movement that shows contentment it is a “kitty kiss.”

if they want to end a confrontation with the animal, Cats will yawn

they may express their fear, stress, or discomfort with Hissing, so she says to stay away.

when they are relaxed and showing trust, the cats exposes his belly

they’re playing when she hit you by retracted claws.

Fun Facts about cats

  • Cats are The oldest pet, and archaeologists discovered an old cat grave in Cyprus is a 9,500 year.
    also, there are many arts of ancient Egyptians over 4,000 years ago.
  • Cats spend their lives sleeping, they sleep around 13-16 hours a day.
    it is mean that 70% of their lives wast in sleeping, how tired is the cat life! 
  • Do you know the Alaskan town?

it is known that An orange cat was the Mayor of an Alaskan town for 20 years! she was called Stubbs the cat was loved by locals, she had several uncontested elections.
sure, the cat hadn’t any legislative power.

  • Blackie had £7 million

Blackie is The richest cat in the world with  £7 million according to Guinness World Records.

her owner refused to recognize his family so when he passed away gave a 7-million-pound to Blackie, it is incredible

  • in mourning, cat owners shaved off their eyebrows, you don’t trust me?!
    Ancient Egyptian thought that cats have a great position for god, so they loved her too much.
    so, According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, the members of the cat family shave off their eyebrows in mourning.


      In your opinion, what is the most interesting Cat fact that took your total attention?

write bellow in the comment bar your opinion , and tell us what you want to know more in the next post .


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